Standard 5, Artifact 1


Artifact #1:  3rd Grade Internet Safety lesson plan

Aligned with Standard: AASL Standard 5.2 Professional Ethics

Artifact Description:

This Netiquette lesson plan is one of several lesson plans that I created in a series of lessons for third grade for online safety/digital citizenship.


This Netiquette lesson plan demonstrates one lesson in the series that teaches students how to navigate an online world and promote digital citizenship.  Throughout the entire series, I gave several personal examples of how I model digital citizenship. These lessons are critical to students in the library, even at an early age to promote the importance of their responsibility and their role among their peers in a digital environment.  

Standard 5, Artifact 2

Artifact #2:  Photos (click to enlarge) of facilities re-arrangement, weeding and space improvement at The Prout School

Aligned with Standard: AASL Standard 5.3 Personnel, Funding and facilities

Artifact Description:

These are during and after photos of the facilities changes I made at The Prout School library in just a few months.


I made a very large and quick impact at The Prout School Library.  I have significantly improved the space by beginning a massive weeding project, which includes weeding over 650 materials (not including hundreds of cataloged outdated periodicals and irrelevant donated books), moved around all the furniture and computers and removing old pieces which created more spaced, and with my presence I was able to add some light and positivity to create a welcoming library.  I also formed relationships with teachers and staff, propped open doors regularly and added welcoming signs, and created a shared space for library resources online. By doing all of these duties, I made a huge difference in the impact that the school library has in the school’s environment and for student learning and teacher support.