This week I gave a lesson to my Web Design students on web design principles.  The library has a classroom in the back, but typically I hold my class in the library itself at the computers.  However, it is difficult to lecture when they have large computers in front of them. When I did my web design principles lesson, the lesson went okay.  However, I felt like the lesson flow was very choppy and the students were not very responsive; only one or two kept answering the questions I asked. Some of this has to do with the age group, some of this had to do with the aspects of my lesson possibly not as engaging as it could have been, and I also believe some of it had to do with them having to sit in the small classroom that they are unfamiliar with.  My CT suggested that I pause more when asking questions. I tend to not allow enough time after asking a question for the students to answer. She also suggested that I review with them what to watch for within the short video and then pause and ask questions while it is playing. She also suggested some more visual elements to my lessons, in general.

Several students came in asking for Fahrenheit 451 to read for class.  The library only had one copy and it was checked out. I asked her what teacher assigned the book, and when that teacher came into the library later that week, I asked what she thought of putting that title on a “consideration” list for a small set when her class (who is supposed to purchase the book) reads it.

I spent a lot of time redoing the Fiction section of the library over the last few months.  In order to do that, I had to weed and re-organize the Reference area. This week, I finished the Fiction move!  It felt so good to accomplish something I had been working on for so long. I found that weeding got easier and easier the more I did it.  Also, we have several copies of all of the past RI Teen Book Award nominees. When the principal came in, I asked what he thought about donating one or two copies of the multiples we had to another Catholic school in need.  He thought this was a great idea.