Practicum Placement Locations

(Photo by Kelly McPartlin)

I completed my elementary school practicum January 2019 through February 2019 split between two different elementary schools that my cooperating teacher is based in.  Warwick Neck Elementary School is a K-5 school in Warwick, RI.  It houses just under 300 students and has a large, open library space with a makerspace.  

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Lippitt Elementary School is also located in Warwick, RI and houses approximately 260 students in grades K-5.  It's library is small with a smaller collection and a small makerspace shelf area.


From March 2019 through April 2019, I completely my secondary education practicum at The Prout School in Wakefield, RI.  This private 9-12 school houses about 400 students and has a large, open library with a very large collection of materials.  It also has a classroom space, storage, and a full set of computers.