Standard 4, Artifact 1

Artifact #1:  Some photos of book suggestions from Davisville Free Library librarian on “tested” Kindergarten books.

Aligned with Standard: AASL Standard 4.1 Networking with the library community

Artifact Description:  These are photos of some of the book suggestions that the Davisville Free Library public librarian gave to me.


I have been networking with her, developed a relationship with her and after networking with her regularly, I asked her about her suggestions on Kindergarten book selections.  After talking with her, I found out that she used to run a children’s story program specifically for Kindergarten because there was a half day Kindergarten in the town of North Kingstown.  She showed me how she created an outline of lessons and book suggestions for various concepts, including introducing Kindergarten to libraries and on positive behavior reinforcement. She also showed me how she had tried a few books that didn’t work out and she kept a list of those with the reasons why they didn’t work out for future use.  The librarian was so happy to be able to share her resources with me and to discuss some general ideas for lessons. She also helped me find the books that I needed for several days of lessons. When I saw her after that, she was always eager to help and ask if I needed her assistance. It was very helpful to have her ideas and suggestions from the public library perspective, and it will be a good resource going forward.

Standard 4, Artifact 2

Artifact #2:  Emails from me to faculty and their responses from a library resource page.

Aligned with Standard: AASL Standard 4.3 Leadership

Artifact Description:

Emails from me to faculty announcing a Prout library resource page that I created and the faculty responses from that email.


I demonstrated leadership in my library in several ways.  When I asked faculty in the Fall what resources they use in the library, several of them told me that they would like to be able to use the library more, but that they didn’t even know what resources were available to them.  Over time, I made many improvements to solve this problem. One of the solutions I created was to decide to create a website to showcase what the Prout library has to offer. Once I created that website, I emailed it out to the faculty and administration to let them know it was available and what my plan was.  I also offered them space for department resources. The response from this leadership and initiative was very positive and has lead to a significant increase in resource usage.