Standard 2, Artifact 1

Artifact #1:  Images of “Believe in Your(shelf)” hallway display at LES, “Ms. McPartlin’s picks” and “New and Notable” display at TPS.

Aligned with Standard: AASL Standard 2.2 Reading promotion

Artifact Description:

These images are photos of one hallway display, “Believe in Your(shelf)” at my elementary placement, LES.  This display resides across the hallway from the library. The other two displays reside in the library at TPS.


All of these displays are strategically chosen to be highly visible to both students and faculty.  The displays are very simple, which is intentionally done to draw focus to the promotion of reading.  The “new and notable” display allows me to showcase a variety of books to appeal to more than just one type of reader.  This display had immediate results when two of the books on the display were checked out the next day. The “Ms. McPartlin’s picks” display showcases my own recommendations for books to promote my own love of reading.  Several of my suggested books have been checked out from this display. It also draws people over to the library desk where they ask me questions about the books I chose. The “believe in your(shelf)” display has a social-emotional learning component.  The display showcases books, and the spines have kind messages as titles. There is space at the top of this display to add announcements and information, such as book fair dates, reading week information and more.

Standard 2, Artifact 2

Artifact #2:  Photo of me reading aloud to students in the elementary school library and a photo of the book read (as one sample).

Aligned with Standard: AASL Standard 2.1 Literature

Artifact Description:  Reading aloud to students promotes reading.  In my elementary school practicum, I would read aloud to students whenever possible.  For the younger grades, I selected books that the children would enjoy, be engaged in, and that would reinforce their growth and learning.  I was able to choose age-appropriate books that not only entertained the children but also supported their reading for information. Many of the readings were used to prompt questions that inspired higher level thinking among the students.  I really enjoyed reading to the children and this was apparent and models overall reading enjoyment.