Elevator pitch to the school PTO:

Think, Create, Share, Grow.  These are things school librarians do for all learners, faculty, and schools.  Gone are the days where libraries are simply a home to books. The school library has transformed into a central learning space shared by the students, teachers, staff, and administration and we have so much to offer!  School librarians are teachers facilitating student inquiry and learning. Together, we create with knowledge and ideas. We share our knowledge and pursue individual growth to contribute to our school community. In our library, we embrace technology and its effective integration into our education.  I teach kids how to be responsible digital citizens, how to navigate the digital world safely, and how to evaluate information. I collaborate with teachers to co-teach and support curriculum and effective research methods. In our library, we love to read a diverse range of books and materials. I believe that any type of reading that inspires and encourages a child to read is the “right” kind of reading.  The library is the place where all of these things intersect and connect, yet the library consistently lacks funding due to district budget cuts. Your support for the resources we need is essential. I thank you so much for your support, efforts, time, and the love you put into the library to help me achieve and maintain the goal of it being a welcoming, safe place to think, create, share, and grow. I welcome your questions, thoughts, and idea, so please email me at any time!

One sentence pitch:

We need YOU to help keep our library a welcoming, safe place to connect, think, create, share, and grow!