This week was definitely an adjustment from the graduate student role into a student teaching role.  After spending many hours at WNES and LES in the Fall just observing, it felt very different being in the student teacher seat.  To the students, nothing was different, however, I was nervous to begin this journey and also very excited. Most of the week was spent with my CT going over the projects that were currently being worked on to discuss which ones I could help with or take over.  

We re-toured the two libraries with the changes the CT made since I had observed in the Fall.  This made me realize how much work is consistently put into the progress or improvement of library flow and space design.  My CT had made some changes based on her observations with her libraries and students since these schools were new to her this school year.  I found it very valuable to witness the changes she implemented, including adding visually appealing signs and posters the biography and nonfiction sections.  She had moved the collections around and removed some furniture in one library so that the students could find materials more easily. She had also done a good deal of weeding, and it seems this process was easier since the library was new to her.  She was able to objectively look at the collection and make quick decisions on the sections that she addressed.

My duties mostly consisted of library administration while I re-familiarized myself with the environments, staff, students, procedures, policies, and collections.  We discussed and decided our flexible plan of action for the weeks ahead.