I helped my CT hang promotional Dr. Seuss themed Read Across America NEARI posters promoting a public reading event.  We chose strategic areas to hang the posters, including in the front entryway for families to see, in the main hallways for the students, in the library, and in the teacher’s lounge.  Shortly after we hung the flyers, a Kindergarten teacher came and asked me to choose a selection of Dr. Seuss books that he could read to his class the following week. It could have been a coincidence, but I’d like to think hanging those flyers spurred his memory to ask the library for these resources.

I also finished my “Believe In Your(shelf)” hallway display.  I was really pleased how it came out, and it didn’t take all that much effort.  Now, there is a book-themed display across from the library that includes a social-emotional learning component and also has room for dynamic signs for various events and activities to be posted in the upper left corner.  It felt good to be leaving that school with a little piece of my work on display.

In third grade, I finished my online safety lesson series.  The students were so excited when they came into the library with all of the Chromebooks out ready to play Kahoot again!  They think it is so much fun, which I found great that they were so excited about a post-assessment. We also created our graffiti board.  I asked them to write down one thing that they learned, and they had options: draw, write one word, or write a sentence. I also gave them the option to use crayons if they wanted.  They were able to take their time because their next task was checking out books. At the end, we displayed the graffiti board in the makerspace area, and they seemed really proud that I was so happy to display their work.

It was sad to say goodbye to the students, and at the end of the student teaching, it really did seem like such a short time that I had with them.  I left feeling like I made an impact on their education, and I really got a strong feel for how elementary libraries work.