This week the principal of the school asked me if I would digitize the school’s International Baccalaureate curriculum maps to eventually include existing library resources as part of a paid position in a Title IV grant that was awarded to the school.  The project seems like a great fit for my role, and I am happy to be able to do this additional work to promote library resources. Furthermore, any teacher meetings I hold for the project will be held in the library, so I can also use those as opportunities to briefly discuss any other library matters.

One of the students has decided to hold an electronics recycling drive as part of his senior project.  He came into my library and I showed him all of the old TVs, computers, VCRs, and other equipment that we had to be recycled.  I will be very happy to get some of this large clunky stuff out of the way so that I can make more progress in cleaning out the back storage room to make it a more usable space.  

I showed my CT all the progress that I had made with my space improvements over time.  She was very complimentary of my progress. I was appreciative of this, because the whole process is one that will take several years, so sometimes it is difficult to see the progress while you’re standing in the same perspective every day.  It is amazing to realize that my practicum is completed!