At the beginning of my student teaching, I spoke to the librarian I work for at the Davisville Free public library where I work part-time.  She worked with Kindergartners for years while the grade was half day in the town. I asked her for suggestions, and she showed me a list that she kept of story ideas, which included titles that she read that did not work out with the children and why.  This list was so helpful, and I was able to get all of the books at my CTs libraries and the public library. This list also made my lesson planning easier, because there were already some ideas laid out within them. My CT wanted me to continue to focus on encouraging rules and good behavior, while also reinforcing the parts of a book and how to use the library.  

In second grade, I continued some lessons on animations in Google Slides.  I was surprised that the second-grade students already had some skills navigating through Google Slides.  They did a great job. I like my CT’s idea to not learn them with a real project – she had chosen the topic elephants, and they inserted images and titles, but there was no heavy research involved so that the focus could remain on learning the tech tool.  I noticed that when the Chromebooks were out that it is challenging to get the students to look up and pay attention during the instruction and discussion. I will look into strategies for managing this and Chromebooks in the future.

My CT wanted to create a display board in the hallway.  The display board had been blank the whole school year, and she didn’t know who it belonged to, but she found the key and asked if I had any ideas.  I had just seen a great idea for a social-emotional book display on Instagram. I showed her a picture of it, and I chose the papers to begin working on the visual part of the project.