I finally finished clearing out my two bookshelves for book displays.  I was very excited to finally be at the point where I could add the displays to promote my excitement for reading.  Due to time and resource constraints, I wanted to keep things simple. I created a Bitmoji sign of myself that says “Ms. McPartlin’s Picks.”  I added a fun calendar to the display that shows what each day celebrates (e.g. National Ice Cream Day, etc.) and an inspirational quote. Just a couple hours after I finished that display, a teacher came up and told me many of my picks would be great for a human rights unit she was working on and she thanked me for doing it.  

I also created a “New and Notable” book display.  There were dozens and dozens of brand new books in the back room of the library, but there was nowhere to put them.  I have been slowly adding some to the collection as I weed out old books. I wanted a space to display some of these new ones, so I selected a bunch that were relevant in the season or that I thought students and teachers would be interested in, covered and processed them into the catalog, and put them out on the shelves with a simple sign “New and Notable.”  The very next day, two of those books had been checked out! I was very happy about those small results.

In Web Design, I completed the Ethical Use of Creative Works lesson plan with the students.  I was excited to be able to incorporate this standard library lesson into the Web Design class.  This is a lesson that the students will be able to use their entire lives, and especially in the coming years as college students and while they start their careers.  The lesson went well, and the students seemed to not only learn from it, but they seemed interested in the material.