I spent a lot of time this week learning about the organizations of the collections at both WNES and ES.  The two spaces are entirely different, and while they are generally organized very similarly, there were some differences because of the size of the collections.  I asked my CT a lot of questions about what organizational practices she had tried and decided against and why she uses the current methods. For example, there was a whole cart of nonfiction paperback books.  These books were then organized by category, such as “animals,” “sports,” and more. There was a graphic novel section organized alphabetically by author, and the series was divided with visual markers of what the series was.  To me, learning about various methods of organization is a very important aspect of administration.

This week I focused on my Kindergarten Groundhog Day lesson.  It was an interesting week as far as energy and attention levels for the students.  My CT was able to do the video of my lesson, and I found it really interesting to watch those and reflect on my teaching.

The third-grade lessons on online safely are going really well.  I am really developing a relationship with this class, and it is very rewarding.  It seems to really help keep the students interested in what I am teaching them.

I also instructed the Netiquette lesson in 3rd grade, and that went smoothly.  The students were engaged and participated and asked questions.