I continued working on moving some books in my library.  My goal was to relocate some stacks and clear out two smaller sized bookshelves that were centrally located.  These shelves could be easily used as book displays. In the Fall, I had created one book display on the RI Teen Book Award nominees on one side of the main library desk.  This was the only book display in the whole library. The library was very packed in, and I wanted to maintain my goal of making more space for students and faculty to see the materials.  I wanted to clear out the shelf on the right side of the library desk to also make this a display area. I also wanted to clear out a shelf directly across from the library desk for an additional display.  It took a lot longer to accomplish this task than I anticipated. When I relocated the two shelves of books to their second location, there was not enough room, so I had to do a second round of weeding. There is so much weeding to do in the library, so when I have to do it to make space, I quickly pull out the books in the worst condition and place them on a cart.

When I weed the books, I recycle some, put some in boxes to give away for donations, and some I throw away.  There is one teacher who leads the recycling initiatives in the school, and he has been slowly helping me get rid of materials in the library.  Through I student, he found a parent that runs a Montessori school that includes middle school grades. She was very interested in creating a library for her school and wanted to look through the books we were giving away.  I was very excited about this because then these books in better condition were being used somewhere else in the community. The recycling teacher did question why I was throwing some books away instead of recycling or donating them.  I had to take a book out of the trash to show him the mold damage that appears on many of the books that are well over two decades and more old. I explained these books were unhealthy to keep in the library and tearing them apart, in some cases, for recycling can release some of the unhealthy components into the contained air in the library.  

In Web Design the students continued their work on their website ideas.  I created an assignment in Google Classroom for them to brainstorm two different website ideas.  In Google Draw, I created an idea bubble web or map. They filled out two – one on each idea. The brainstorm bubbles included various concepts for them to include in their idea including listing links, who their audience is, the goal of their site and more.  The goal of this activity to get them to compare the information for the two ideas to determine which one would be the best choice for creating a website for my class. Once they completed their idea maps, they paired up in groups of two or three. I gave them the rubric that I will use to grade the websites, and I told them to choose the idea that works best, thinking about the rubric, and to see me to go over their idea when they were finished.  The students seemed to enjoy this activity, and I think it was helpful to them to pair up to discuss their ideas. They were all able to formulate a solid idea from the perspective of building a website on it.