Panic immediately set in when CT told me “plan online safety lessons for third grade.”  Thankfully, my logical brain took over and reminded me, “you’ve got this.” My CT showed me the collection of lessons that she used in the past, and she also offered the option to create something totally new.  Since she was new to this school, her plan was to act as they had never had online safety lessons before, because there was no way of verifying exactly what they had been taught. She gave me some general guidelines and suggested resources.  I was very thankful for all of my MLIS coursework because I already knew right where I wanted to start – One of my PD online seminars reminded me that there is no need to reinvent the wheel every time a lesson plan is created and that Common Sense Media has very good lesson plans that you can use, adapt, and incorporate into your own plans.

I was excited to learn that my CT had never used Kahoot, and it turns out that this particular group of students hadn’t either.  Again, due to my coursework, I easily created a pre-assessment Kahoot. I was thrilled that the students had so much fun playing the Kahoot that they were asking me how they could “play Kahoot at home.”  The enthusiasm for not just the tool but for their learning was very refreshing!

For Kindergarten, my CT wanted to focus on encouraging rules and good behavior, while also reinforcing the parts of a book and how to use the library.  The Kindergartners were able to check out a book for the first time this week, and we focused a lot of that. It was really enjoyable to see how excited they were.  I quickly realized they were also a little anxious because there were a lot of new rules for them to remember.

I used the “No David! Don’t wreck the Library!” lesson plan and I was really pleased with the results.  The students had so much fun during the read aloud and with the activity. It was so fun to watch.