Since I am already working at my secondary education placement, this week seemed a lot more natural.  I was much less nervous because I am already very familiar with the environment. That said, teaching teenagers is significantly different than teaching younger children, so it requires different knowledge and skills.  I have found myself accidentally almost saying, “1,2,3, eyes on me” and that will certainly not work with teenagers other than to have them look at you oddly. Classroom management at TPS is not very challenging, because the students are generally very respectful and courteous.  In my experience, what works best for classroom management is to treat the students with respect and give them choices and some flexibility.

My CT and I went over all of the projects within the library that I have been working on.  The largest one is updating the library. It had very much been neglected and it seems not much was thrown out for several decades, so it can be overwhelming.  I am very appreciative to have her advice on what to focus on and what is realistic. For example, it is not realistic to even begin looking at weeding on the nonfiction side of the library right now.  It will take a very long time, and so my CT helped me choose a couple of areas to focus on, including moving a short stories and biography section, which had been part of my original plan. Moving these two sections will free up some significant space for some displays that I would like to create.  

There is always so much to do in my library, so I really appreciate the guidance that my CT provides.  She helps to keep me on track because it is very easy to get sidetracked with a different project. It is also helpful to be able to ask her various questions, such as confirming my weeding selections and how to organize a particular area.